Sensor Bundles


Advanced Environmental Science Extension Bundle

Expand on the Starter Bundle with this bundle of wireless sensors including Carbon Dioxide, Optical Dissolved Oxygen, Colorimeter and Turbidity, Light Sensor, and more. Includes Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (SP-PS-3224) Wireless Light Sensor (SP-PS-3213) Wireless CO2 Sensor (SP-PS-3208) Wireless Colorimeter and Turbidity Sensor...
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Agricultural Science Starter Bundle

There are twelve new agricultural science labs that are designed to use wireless sensors and which are free to download.  Each lab includes an editable student file and a SPARKvue configuration file which streamline data collection and enable students to spend more time on analysis and inquire This Ag Science Starter Bundle contains the sensors required...
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Wireless Sensor Starter Bundle

PASCO scientific
This bundle contains all four of our new wireless sensors at a very affordable price.  Measure Temperature, Force, Acceleration, pH and Pressure either individually or simultaneously. Not only are these sensors very low cost while boasting the level of quality that PASCO is known for, they also connect directly to your devices without the need for an...
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